New to the Neighborhood?


You have entered a vibrant community of mid-century modern homes. Our Cherry Point Homeowners' Association Inc. (HOA) serves as a community resource for the neighborhood and fosters friendships through our annual meeting, annual picnic and other activities.

All neighborhood property owners are members of the HOA, but only dues-paying members are entitled to vote at the annual meeting, receive the biennial neighborhood directory and to enjoy the annual picnic for free.

Our voluntary dues are only $40/year, good for the year paid. Please join.

The Cherry Point Homeowners' Association Inc. welcomes you! Read a message from the Board President.

Current (April 2021) Board members are:

  • ZJ Czupor, President

  • Caroline Evascu, Vice-President

  • Michael McCloskey, Secretary

  • Teresa Sparkman, Treasurer

  • Ken Cilia, Director

  • Jeff Kloenne, Director

What? We have Covenants? Do they apply to me?

While our Cherry Point HOA dues are voluntary, our Covenants are not. All owners must abide by our Covenants, Amended April 2019. You should have received a copy from your title company. Click here to view the Covenants.

The Cherry Point Homeowners' Association Inc. is available to help you navigate the Covenants. Additionally, all exterior alterations must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). Email the ARC with questions or with your remodeling plans.