See your neighbors' opinions and concerns!

Post date: Feb 1, 2019 7:56:13 PM

The Board has heard your feedback & is in the process of revising the Revisions and they are coming soon! In the meantime, read the minutes of the meetings held Jan. 22 & 23 discussing the revised Covenants and see the various comments and suggestions the Board has received.

3/20/2018 14:48:14

First, thank you for taking on the responsibility of running the HOA and giving things care and consideration. I have re-read the covenants and do feel that there are some that could use slight updating or clarification, such as #1 which references no professional use of the residence, when of course, we have people who have home offices. #2 reference to servants on the premises and # 10, which now should include bees on the premises, since that is legal in Denver. I also see a conflict in the wording of #3 and #7. Is there a master map of the utility easements? In regard to the Achitectural Control Committee, is the committee not legit because of no duly recorded written instrument? Before I would vote to re-affirm the committee, I would like to see the guidelines and policies currently being used by the committee. What are the qualifications of the committee members? What is the appeal process? Are the guidelines strictly the covenant items or are there other updated ones that take into consideration innovation of materials since 1956? Thank you for the opportunity to review these items. Unfortunately I can't attend the meeting as I have class on Wednesday nights.

4/10/2018 20:50:50

Reaffirm that the ACC should have official authority to work with neighbors

1/31/2019 17:05:46

"It is very clear from the 2 meetings held that there is Much more interest in these proposed HOA changes, than was anticipated. Many of the comments were valid and well thought out, and changes to the proposal were suggested and some promised. Clearly, the Architecture Committee has spent some real time on their initial ""Amended HOA Covanents & Building Restrictions"" Feb. [ ], 2019 Proposal, and we appreciate their effort. However, the original rules have lasted 62 years, so we need to take the time to insure that we do this correctly. We Do Not want to have to continually repeat this process. I believe that it's clear that we need to slow down, listen to everyone and All the concerns, and insure we have the wording right so it can last another 50+ years.

My comment/recommendation is this- We need to slow down!

I do not think it's reasonable to try to cram this vote through before our April Annual Neighborhood Meeting. We need to have the new proposal available to all neighborhood members, and to then have NEW MEETINGS to discuss the New ""Amended HOA Covanents & Building Restrictions"" proposal and any and all changes made from the original ""Amended HOA Covanents & Building Restrictions"" Feb. [ ], 2019 proposal. I believe this is the Only fair way to proceed. It is not too much to ask to slow down and make sure we do this correctly. Even if this means waiting until the 2020 Annual Neighborhood Meeting to finalize a new proposal that is fully vetted and agreed upon by a true majority of all our neighborhood members, that is the best way to proceed. Please slow this process down- our houses are often our largest assets, people need to feel included and comfortable with this process; not rushed. "